FC2 PPV 3482343 I let my classmates daughter 18 tell me to eat it and then I cum inside her and say Thank you for the meal

FC2 PPV 3482343 I let my classmates daughter 18 tell me to eat it and then I cum inside her and say Thank you for the meal
同級生の娘(18)に「召し上がれ♡」って言わせて中出しして「ごちそうさま」 真面目でかわいい上京娘をおいしくいただきました

FC2 PPV 3482343

FC2 PPV 3482343

* It is a completely original video.*
“I want to make the most erotic videos ever.
I dedicate all of my life for that, and believe that I can take it someday.
I shoot a vaginal cum shot around the innocent beauty around the world.
That is the work of this “best spear”.””

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I asked my classmate’s daughter (18) to say “Come on ♡” and vaginal cum shot and “Feast.”

Name: Asuka -chan
Age: 18 years old
Photographer: Conceived Man 2 (unrelated to the head family)

I am an acquaintance of the conceived man 2.
According to the conceived man No. 2, “I got a gonzo proposal in the flow of riding a normal consultation.”
For Asuka -chan, it seems like a gentle uncle.
Asuka -chan seems to have just moved to Tokyo and rely on it.

I’m a good child, I’m talking about my part -time job.
I have never done water business.
“It’s a bit to talk to strangers. I don’t know what to talk about.”
I have a boyfriend.
Regarding customs, he said, “I’m going to H with a stranger!? It is impossible!”
The great thing about Man 2 is that you can talk to a young child with less than half your age.

Asuka is not vigilant at the conceived man 2 at all.
It’s taking off in a good atmosphere, it’s good to take it off.
The body is perfect!young!
How many cups of boobs?I’m talking like “What cup I think? ♡”.
It used to be A cup in the past, right?It seems that I know from a young age because I say something like that.
It seems to be an E -cup now, but it seems that there is about F as it has grown and it has become more bra.

The tension of the boobs, the plump nipple, the glossy thighs are also wonderful!
The pubic hair seems to be cut a little, but it grows well, dark.
Asuka -chan says, “This is so embarrassing!
Villa villa is a small and pink beautiful pussy.
The congratulations Man 2 commented, “*Michiguchi is big.”
It’s a comment that doesn’t make sense, Asuka -chan is also saying “… eh? W”.
If you lick the chestnut, the reaction is good.
Just before insertion, I said “I’m sorry ♡” three times.
A gentle Asuka -chan who is confused but says properly.
When you piston, “Oh, it feels good ♡ Downy ♡” and cute Asuka -chan.
“Ikuikuiku ♡” I was in the normal position.

Asuka -chan, who has been stiff many times in the back or side, is nervous.
The thighs when I hold my feet is very good, because it is unique to a young child, because when I get older, my thighs are thin.
Considering this figure, I guess I was working hard on club activities.

Creampie as it is when Asuka -chan is panting.
Just before the vaginal cum shot, “I’m together! ♡” says Asuka -chan’s cute thing.
After the vaginal cum shot, the conceived Man 2 tells Asuka -chan, “… Thank you for your feast.”

I knew that the conceived man No. 2 was a dangerous guy, but this time it is completely open.
It seems that he was very excited for the second pregnant man, but he did not show much in front of Asuka so that it would not be so exciting.
He said he was so excited to kiss, rub his boobs, lick pussy, and vaginal cum shot.
What do you do if you get out of the classmate that is **?When I asked him, he said, “If that happened, it would be interesting.”
… I will never introduce him even if I have a daughter in the future.
If you sell a lot, there is a possibility that sales will end.

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“Because I didn’t let me lick it a while ago ♡.”
He / she licks the cock very carefully.
If you say it feels good, I’m happy with Asuka -chan, “I’m glad ♡”.
What do you want to do after licking a lot?When I asked
“I want to insert ♡ ♡ ♡”.
Then, no, this time, I pointed out that Asuka -chan can insert it myself, so it is the opposite.
After saying “I’m going to get it, I’ll have it ♡” and then insert the cowgirl on my own.
I have a good body, I can see my abs in the cowgirl.
I keep shaking my hips myself and squeeze many times, and I’m excited in other positions, so I’m young.
At the back cowgirl, Rika -chan continues to swing with “Ikuikuiku ♡”.
Asuka -chan with a sperm taste and smiles with a smile.